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New Information on the Mechanisms of Pediatric Epilepsy

Recent research coming from Cardiff University has found “brain activity that underlies absence epilepsy.” This discovery has the potential to provide a new array of therapies ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Absence seizures, Pediatric Epilepsy

Seizure Warning for Incredibles 2

Fans all around the world have been waiting a long time for the sequel to The Incredibles, one of the most popular Disney Pixar films of all time. Now that the wait is finally ...

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Topics: Side Effects of Epilepsy, Myoclonic Epliepsy, Epilepsy Triggers, Children and Epilepsy

Treating Epilepsy in New Ways

According to research recently published in Journal of Neuroscience from the University of Kentucky, there may be some new ways of treating and managing seizures related to ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Research Epilepsy

Student at St. Norbert College Overcomes Setbacks Due to Epilepsy

Going to college and graduating is the dream of many young people, and it’s one that can be stressful and difficult even under the best of circumstances. When it comes to Joey ...

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Topics: Living with epilepsy

What Does It Mean When Someone Is Frothing at the Mouth?

When you see someone frothing at the mouth, it is important to realize that this is not a common occurrence, and it is typically going to mean that the person is suffering from a ...

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Topics: Side Effects of Epilepsy

New Epilepsy Drugs and Red Sea Fungus

Epilepsy affects tens of millions of people around the world today. While there are medications in use that can help around 66% of those who are suffering from epilepsy, there are ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Research Epilepsy, Epilepsy Drug Study

World Health Assembly Says Efforts Need to Continue on Epilepsy

Epilepsy affects around 65 million people around the world, but it often does not get the full attention that it deserves. In 2015, the World Health Organization, or WHO, tried to ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Research Epilepsy, Global Epilepsy

Epilepsy Clinics and Major Depressive Order

Many people who are suffering from epilepsy also suffer from a range of other types of illnesses and conditions; including depression. It has been known for years that depression ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, depression and epilepsy, Research Epilepsy, Epilepsy and Depression

Sanofi Epilepsy Drug: The UK Bans Drug Use for Women at Risk for Pregnancy

All pharmaceuticals have side effects and risks. Even things as seemingly commonplace as over the counter pain medication carries with it the risk of stomach and liver damage if ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Living with epilepsy, Valproate during Pregnancy, Epilepsy Drugs and Pregnancy

Stanford University Researchers Push Toward Creation of a Brain Activity-Reading Stethoscope

There are few professional tools as iconic as the stethoscope. Show a child a pipe wrench, and she might guess plumber. However, show the same child a stethoscope, and she’ll get ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Research Epilepsy

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