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Researchers Find Missing Mutation in Severe Infant Epilepsy

A study published online in February 2018 in the Annals of Neurology explains how researchers found a missing mutation in severe epilepsy in infants. The leader of the study, ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Infant Epilepsy, Research Epilepsy

Reducing the Side Effects of Epilepsy Drugs

Many people who are suffering from epilepsy are able to control their seizures through the use of medication. In fact, between 60% and 70% of people have found success using these ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Anti seizure medications, Living with epilepsy, Side Effects Epilepsy Drugs

Measures to Ensure Babies Are Not Exposed to Sodium Valproate During Pregnancy

The Chief Executive of the Epilepsy Society, Clare Pelham, recently announced regulatory measures that would be focused on an epilepsy drug called sodium valproate. This is a ...

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Topics: Epilepsy and Pregnancy, Valproate during Pregnancy, Epilepsy Drugs and Pregnancy

How to Respond When a Friend Has a Seizure

Do you have a friend or a loved one who suffers from seizures? Even if you may not know anyone who currently suffers, you may meet someone who has epilepsy. Three million adults, ...

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Topics: Types of seizures, Living with epilepsy, Generalized Seizures, Focal Seizures, What to do during a seizure

RSC Diagnostic Services Attended WSET

RSC Diagnostic Services was happy and honored to attend The Western Society of END Technologists (WSET) for its 2018 Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington March 16-18.  RSC ...

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Topics: END Technologist Education, RSC Technologists, WSET Annual Meeting

Are Parents With Children Who Have Epilepsy at Risk for Mental Health Issues?

Those who suffer from epilepsy often have a range of issues that accompany their seizures, including depression, self-esteem issues, and other health problems. However, it is ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Living with epilepsy, Epilepsy Study, Mental Health Issues, Parents of epilepsy children

Understanding AEDs and Which Offer Ideal Monotherapy for Epilepsy

Monotherapy is the use of a single drug as a method of treating a specific disease or disorder. It is a fairly common approach to overcoming symptoms of certain conditions, when ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Antiepileptic Drugs, AEDs, Monotherapy

Researchers May Have Found a Way to Prevent Acquired Epilepsy

In February of 2018, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) revealed details of findings from a new study. In it, they explain that they have discovered a ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Post-Traumatic Epilepsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, HMGB1, Prevent Acquired Epilepsy, Biomarker, Brain Injury

New Research Reveals Methods for Reducing Side Effects from Commonly Used Drugs

The Australian National University (ANU) recently released its findings from an innovative study that aimed at overcoming the worst side effects from some of the most commonly ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Treatment, Epilepsy Research, Epilepsy Drugs, Side Effects Epilepsy Drugs

Understanding Simple Partial Seizures?

Many people diagnosed with epilepsy, or the parents of children diagnosed with it, have a lot of questions. One of the more common questions has to do with the symptoms of the ...

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Topics: Simple Partial Seizures, Understanding Seizures

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