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Epilepsy Treatment Without Surgery

Epilepsy can be caused by or occur due to a range of factors in a person’s life. In some cases, it might occur in childhood due to genetics. Other times, a head injury might cause ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Living with epilepsy, Disorders of Hippocampus, Epliepsy Treatment

Epilepsy at Record Levels in the United States

According to recent research from the government, the number of people in America who are living with epilepsy today is higher than it has ever been. There are approximately 3.4 ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Living with epilepsy, Epliepsy in the United States, Epilepsy Reporting

Childhood Absence Epilepsy Research

A recent study that delved into childhood absence epilepsy, or CAE, found that the brains of those who suffer from the condition could be disturbed not only during the seizures, ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Epilepsy in Infants & Children, Absence seizures, CAE, childhood absence epilepsy

Assessing and Treating Psychogenic Seizures

An epileptic seizure occurs because there is an increased and excessive amount of electrical activity occurring in the brain. When it comes to psychogenic nonepileptic seizures, ...

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Topics: psychogenic seizures, PNES, treating pnes

How In-Home Ambulatory EEG with Video Fits into My Practice

In my practice at First Choice Neurology, we regularly use in-home ambulatory EEG with video monitoring for patients who experience clinical episodes suspicious for seizures or ...

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Topics: Diagnosing Epilepsy

What My 1st EEG Video Monitoring Study on a Child Was Like

Four years ago, I began my career as an EEG Technologist and it has honestly been the best four years of my life. Prior to becoming part of the RSC team, I worked for two adult ...

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Topics: Diagnosing Epilepsy, Careers in Neurodiagnostics, Epilepsy in Infants & Children

Mood Disorders and Epilepsy

In the United States, over 15 million men, women, and children suffer from depression. For those living with epilepsy, studies show that depression and mood disorders affect ...

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Topics: Living with epilepsy, depression and epilepsy, mood disorders and epilepsy

Epilepsy, Exercise, and Sports: What You Should Know

It’s a well-known fact that staying active and exercising leads to a happier and healthier life, but for those living with epilepsy, it can be intimidating when thinking about how ...

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Topics: Exercise and epilepsy, Living with epilepsy, Sports and epilepsy

Are You Forgetting to Take Your Epilepsy Medication?

Few things about living with epilepsy are easy. Between the complications of seizures, to diet and medication—the amount of things you need to keep track of can really take a toll ...

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Topics: Living with epilepsy, Taking your medication

Brain Organoids Mirror Human Brain Growth…in a Petri Dishh

Researchers across all of the sciences are constantly exploring new and improved ways to gain a better understanding of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, autism, or ...

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