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3 No-Hassle Ideas for a Home-based 2016 Super Bowl Party / Epilepsy Fundraiser

Posted by RSC Diagnostics on Feb 3, 2016

Close up picture of laces on a footballSuper Bowl Sunday seems to turn everyone into a football fan. People gather together to root for their favorite teams, watch those highly anticipated TV commercials, and feed their face with food and drink. With all those people gathered together, it’s also an easy way to show your support for epilepsy. This year, consider combining a Super Bowl Party with a fundraiser for epilepsy.

Perhaps you know a person or a family affected by epilepsy that could use some financial help for a service dog, wheelchair or some help with expensive medications, a VNS procedure or other treatment for your seizure disorders. This is the time to lend support. Or you may choose to raise money for epilepsy research and donate it to the Epilepsy Foundation. Whatever your purpose is, keep one key thing in mind: Super Bowl fans are interested in the game. It’s a good idea to keep the focus on the game and let the fundraiser operate smoothly in the background.

Here are three super easy fundraising ideas (no-hassle) that turns your party into an event that helps others.

  1. Football Squares—Also known as a Pool Board, there is barely a football fan that doesn’t know how to play. For the rest of us, these are the directions! Create your own board, assign a dollar amount per square, sell the squares and let the game raise the money. To motivate your guests, consider splitting the winnings—e.g., the winner will get 20% and the remaining 80% of the winnings goes to the fundraiser. In many cases, the winner will donate that money back to the cause.
  2. Donation Entry Fee—If your Super Bowl party is large and you send out invitations, consider a small entry fee donation instead of a cover charge that can go to Epilepsy Research.  You can consider a set dollar amount per person as an entry fee or even do “donation based on what you choose to contribute”.  Often times the open fee option can collect many more funds than you may guess.
  3. Chili Cookoff—Ask your guests bring crockpots of their ‘famous’ recipe and explain that you will sell tickets by the bowlful. Winner of the best tasting chili takes 20% and the fundraiser gets 80%. Many people love chili this time of year with a good game to watch so be sure to encourage them to go for second third helpings!

RSC’s New Year resolution for 2016 is to share easy fundraising ideas throughout the year to support those suffering from epilepsy and other seizure disorders. Once a month we will encourage our readers to help make a difference. We believe that small fundraising events, such as a home-based Super Bowl party, can make an impact on helping those in need. Share this simple fundraising idea with the people you work with.

Heart shaped folded 100 dollar bill and changePerhaps you know of others who are also hosting their own home-based Super Bowl parties. Maybe they will participate, too, if you ask. Just share this blog with them. The more people who help to raise money for a cure, the more money raised. Remember, every dime raised counts toward a search for a cure for epilepsy. If 100 home-based Super Bowl parties each raise $100, that’s $10,000 going toward epilepsy. If 1000 home parties each raise $100, that’s $100,000. Easy goals are best.



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