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New Treatments for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy Could Be Available Thanks to Discovery

What to Expect After Your First Seizure

Long Term Effects of Concussions Suffered in Sports

Is Epilepsy a Progressive Disease?

Procedure Helps Epilepsy Patient Regain Her Life

Observed Brain Activity Occuring in Absence Epilepsy

Research Shows Epilepsy Could Cause Defensive Cells in the Brain to Collapse

A Traumatic Brain Injury Could Lead to Seizures

Serotonin Could Reduce Breathing Risks in Epileptic Patients

Specific Stimuli Can Trigger Epileptic Seizures

Canadian Study Discovers Epileptics Live Longer with Specialist Care

How a Cooling Treament May Help Reduce Epilepsy in Children

New Developments in EEG Technology May Enable Seizure Prediction

Study Proves Teratogenic Drugs Are Still Given to Young Women Despite Risks

Certain Nerve Cells Shown to Control Epileptic Seizure Spread in the Brain

Statistics and EEG Recordings Could Help Understand Seizures

Trying to Find the Causes of SUDEP

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Epilepsy Development

Epileptic Seizures and Strobe Lights at Concerts

SUDEP Could Still Be a Problem for Patients with Well-Controlled Epilepsy

Surprise Medical Billing: How RSC Diagnostic Services Ensures Billing Transparency for Our Patients

Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosed Using EEG Data

Gene Mutation, SUDEP and Breathing Problems Linked

Can an Algorithm Predict Seizure Origin in Pediatric Patients?

A Large Number of Epilepsy Cases Remain Untreated After Diagnosis

Long-Term Affects on Children with Epilepsy

Introduction to In-home Video EEG Monitoring

Potential Help for Children with Serious Seizures

Epileptic Seizure Prediction Method Developed

Treating Childhood Absence Epilepsy by Using Brain Activity between Seizures

Neonatal Seizures Could Be Prevented by a New Drug

Childhood Absence Epilepsy Study

Epilepsy and Being Fit to Drive: A New Model

Children with Rasmussen Syndrome

Automating Detection of SUDEP Risk Factors

What is the Seizure Treatment for Pediatric Patients With Convulsive Status Epilepticus?

Altered Neural Networks Could Help with Seizure Prevention

Genetic Testing for Pediatric Epilepsy

Can Dogs Really Sniff Seizures?

Link Between Metabolic Bone Disease in Epilepsy and Hyponatremia

Behavioral Health Needs for Pediatric Patients with Epilepsy

Stress Seizures

Sam’s Law Passes in Texas Senate and HEA1089 Passes in Indiana

Neural Patterns Could Be Important to Understanding PTSD and Other Disorders

Congenital Cause of Epilepsy: Focal Cortical Dysplasia

New Study on Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Minimizing the Risk of SUDEP

What are Common Side Effects of Anti-Seizure Medications?

Emory Brain Health Center Uses Deep Brain Stimulation

PTSD and TBI Can Cause Epilepsy in Veterans

Family History of Epilepsy and Consanguinity: The Roles they Play for Epilepsy Patients

Epilepsy Can Affect Four Body Systems

Perceptions by Healthcare Providers of Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures

Common Seizures Based on Age of Patient

Does Age Affect Onset of Epilepsy?

Conditions Commonly Misdiagnosed as Epilepsy

Possible Genetic Link with SUDEP and Epilepsy

Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures Continue to Be Misunderstood

The Wrong Diagnosis: The Problem with Psychogenic Seizures

Seizures are Responsible for a Range of Injuries and Dangers

Does Epilepsy Affect the Need to be Readmitted to the Hospital Because of Mood Disorders?

Scientists Predict Seizures Minutes in Advance with EEG

Is Epilepsy Risk Affected by Being Born Early or Late?

Epilepsy and Concussions

Was the Diagnosis for Epilepsy and Syncope Correct?

Acid Reflux During Seizures Could Be Deadly

Counseling for Those Who Have Been Misdiagnosed

Web Based Model Could Help to Predict Epilepsy Risk

Study Provides a Deeper Understanding of Epilepsy

Potential Methods of Treating Silent Seizures in Children

Epilepsy and Congenital Heart Disease

Breakthrough Blood Test Distinguishes PNES from Epileptic Seizures

Epilepsy Study Highlights Potential New Uses for Current Drugs

Infant Patients Could Benefit from Continuous EEG Monitoring

Research Shows the Keto Diet Could Benefit Patients With Infantile Spasms

Higher Number of Seizures for Epileptics in High Crime Areas

Epileptologist Counseling Could Change Contraceptive Choices for Women With Epilepsy

Psychogenic Seizures Have a High Rate of Premature Death

Epilepsy is a Progressive Disease

Potential New Therapies for Epilepsy Due to Genetic Study

Should Surgical Treatment Be Used for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy?

How Can Drug-Resistant Epilepsy Be Treated?

AES Poster Presentation

Epilepsy and Driving: Seizures and Motor Vehicle Crashes

Seizures Without Having Epilepsy

Post-Traumatic Epilepsy and the Military

Epilepsy and Mood Disorders

Neural Activity in Mice Fluctuates with Reproductive Cycle According to New Study

Genetic Tests Could Provide Better Diagnoses for Children

Light Sensitivity and Epilepsy

Research Shows Brain Volume and Thickness Differences Could Be Linked to Epilepsy

Epilepsy and Driving: Are There Restrictions?

A Possible Biomarker for Epilepsy May Have Been Found

How to Cope When a Family Member Has Epilepsy

Are Epileptic Seizure Cycles More Common Than Previously Thought?

A New Brain Implant May be the Cure for Seizures

Who Tends to Develop Epilepsy After Discharge?

What Are Some of the Characteristics of Those Who Self-Report Stress Precipitated Seizures?

What Are the Links Between ADHD and Epilepsy?

Epilepsy Patients With Sleep Apnea Could Benefit from New Screening Tool

Progression of EEG Abnormalities After Traumatic Brain Injury Could Lead to Seizures

Sport-Related Concussions and Resting Stage Electroencephalography

How Important Is EEG in Diagnosis and Management of Patients With Acute Impairment of Consciousness?

The Impact of Multiple Concussions in Asymptomatic Athletes

Could Nonepileptic Seizures Be Helped Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

Using Electrophysiological Brain Function Index to Evaluate Athletes With Concussions

Predicting Seizures Thanks to Crowdsourced Algorithms

Reduction of Seizures Via Transplanting of Inhibitory Neurons

Art Therapy and Epilepsy Study

Brain Proteins and Patterns Help Researchers Understand Epilepsy and Anxiety Better

Strategies for New College Students With Epilepsy

Scalp EEG and Seizure Detection

Seizure Prediction Via Crowdsourcing

Epilepsy and Virtual Care Could Work Well

Protein that Could Help Stop Seizures - Found in Worms

How Could the Baby Whale Fish Help With Epilepsy Research?

Men Develop Epilepsy More Often

Misdiagnosis of Pediatric Epilepsy as Gastrointestinal Disorders

How Gut Bacteria Affects Antiseizure Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

New Information on the Mechanisms of Pediatric Epilepsy

Seizure Warning for Incredibles 2

Treating Epilepsy in New Ways

Student at St. Norbert College Overcomes Setbacks Due to Epilepsy

What Does It Mean When Someone Is Frothing at the Mouth?

New Epilepsy Drugs and Red Sea Fungus

World Health Assembly Says Efforts Need to Continue on Epilepsy

Epilepsy Clinics and Major Depressive Order

Sanofi Epilepsy Drug: The UK Bans Drug Use for Women at Risk for Pregnancy

Stanford University Researchers Push Toward Creation of a Brain Activity-Reading Stethoscope

New Drug Discovery Methodology Offers Hope for Epileptics

The Human Epilepsy Project: Understanding the Study and Its Goals

Epilepsy Stats from the CDC: Understanding the Current Situation

The Ketogenic Diet: A Miracle Cure for Multiple Diseases?

Technology Could Help Patients Manage Epilepsy

Poor School Results Could Be Caused by Exposure to Epilepsy Drug in the Womb

Epileptic Cyclist Lowers Rate of Seizures

Epilepsy Increases Traffic Accident Risk

Could MRI Brain Scans Help to Improve Understanding of Epilepsy?

Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy Part 2

Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy Part 1

What Is the Hippocampus?

Researchers Find Missing Mutation in Severe Infant Epilepsy

Reducing the Side Effects of Epilepsy Drugs

Measures to Ensure Babies Are Not Exposed to Sodium Valproate During Pregnancy

How to Respond When a Friend Has a Seizure

RSC Diagnostic Services Attended WSET

Are Parents With Children Who Have Epilepsy at Risk for Mental Health Issues?

Understanding AEDs and Which Offer Ideal Monotherapy for Epilepsy

Researchers May Have Found a Way to Prevent Acquired Epilepsy

New Research Reveals Methods for Reducing Side Effects from Commonly Used Drugs

Understanding Simple Partial Seizures?

New Findings in Brain Development Suggest Treatment Options for Epilepsy

How Stress Management May Reduce Epileptic Seizures

Brain Waves May Predict and Potentially Prevent Epilepsy

Monthly Brain Cycles Predict Seizures in Patients with Epilepsy

Understanding Todd’s Paralysis

Important Facts to Know About Complex Partial Seizures

Brain Training Can Significantly Reduce the Number of Seizures

What Are Simple Partial Seizures?

Hormones the Cause of Unexplained Spasms

Levetiracetam Common for Children With Early Onset Nonsyndromic Epilepsy

Dietary Therapy: What Vitamins Are Needed?

Pediatric Epilepsy and Behavioral Health

2018 VA Epilepsy Centers of Excellence Patient & Caregiver Webinar Series

Problems With Sleep Deprivation

Diet Can Help With Epilepsy Treatment

Smart Devices Helping Epilepsy Patients

Can Cooling Treatment Reduce Epilepsy In Children?

Epilepsy Patients Have a New Tool for Enhanced Counseling Prior to Surgery

Can a Popular Dietary Supplement Prevent Seizures?

Using Brain Activity between Seizures to Treat Childhood Absence Epilepsy

The 10 Best Epilepsy Apps of 2017

Stress, Seizures and Epilepsy: Effective Coping Strategies

A Look at Post-Traumatic Epilepsy Following Severe Head Injury

A Brief Look at Seizure Treatment in Pediatric Patients With Convulsive Status Epilepticus

Biomarkers for Epilepsy Using Noninvasive Means

Taking Antiepileptic Medication During Pregnancy

Help for Children and Dogs Suffering Rare Form of Epilepsy

Epilepsy Treatment Without Surgery

Epilepsy at Record Levels in the United States

Childhood Absence Epilepsy Research

Assessing and Treating Psychogenic Seizures

How In-Home Ambulatory EEG with Video Fits into My Practice

What My 1st EEG Video Monitoring Study on a Child Was Like

Mood Disorders and Epilepsy

Epilepsy, Exercise, and Sports: What You Should Know

Are You Forgetting to Take Your Epilepsy Medication?

Brain Organoids Mirror Human Brain Growth…in a Petri Dishh

Is Your School Prepared to Help Students with Epilepsy Succeed?

Why You Should Create a Seizure Action Plan for Your Child's School

Epilepsy in Nursing Homes: Is it Common?

Young Adults Agree: Life is Easier When Epilepsy Is Controlled

Is Epilepsy Genetic?

Post-Surgical Seizures: Certain Seizure Onset Patterns Increase Risk

Blood Pressure and Seizures: Can Blood Pressure Trigger Seizures?

Can Seizure Control Be Improved by Reducing Inflammation of the Brain?

What to Do When Someone Has a Seizure - What to Watch For

Epilepsy Treatment: What Are the 4 Levels of Epilepsy Care?

Epilepsy Mood Disorders: Is Depression More Common than Anxiety?

Photosensitive Seizures: Could Striped Patterns Cause a Seizure?

Silent and Hidden: Alzheimer's Seizures

Long Term Effects of Sepsis Include Higher Risk of Seizures

Algorithm May Reduce Surgical Risk for Children with Epilepsy

How Can You Minimize the Risk of SUDEP?

ASET Foundation Now Accepting Applications for Tuition Grants

Epilepsy Risk Factors: Does Maternal Obesity Increase Baby’s Risk?

Seizure Symptoms - Confirming a Diagnosis of Epilepsy: Part 3

Seizure Symptoms - Confirming a Diagnosis of Epilepsy: Part 2

Seizure Symptoms - Confirming a Diagnosis of Epilepsy: Part 1

Pregnant Women with Epilepsy: New AEDs that May Not Harm Baby's IQ

Seizure Like Symptoms but NOT a Seizure: Part 3

Seizure Like Symptoms but NOT a Seizure: Part 2

Seizure Like Symptoms but NOT a Seizure: Part 1

MS and Seizures: Could Multiple Sclerosis Cause Seizures?

Why Do People Choose to Use Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy?

Important Self Care Tips for Managing Epilepsy

Stress Seizures: Lower Your Stress, Lower Your Risk of Seizures

Understanding the New Epilepsy Seizure Classification System

4 Unique Ways the EEG is Being Used in Art, Science & Technology

Photosensitive Seizure Captured on EEG with Video after Taking Selfie

Celebrating Neurodiagnostics Week at RSC

Internal Brain Networks of Patients with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Want to Participate in Clinical Research for Epilepsy? Learn How

Seizure Response Dogs: Paws with a Cause

Epilepsy and Memory Loss

Epilepsy Scholarship Money Available

Combating Depression in Uncontrolled Epilepsy

Epilepsy Discrimination

Can Neurostimulation Suppress Seizures?

Overcoming the Challenges of Starting a Ketogenic Diet

When Children with Epilepsy Are Bullied

The Misdiagnosis of Epilepsy: 10 Conditions That Mimic Epilepsy

Seizure Surgery: Robot Helps to Map Epileptic Seizures

Adult Onset Epilepsy: Does Aging Affect Seizures?

Stigmas of Epilepsy: 8 Ways Social Interaction is Affected

How Does an Epilepsy Nurse Help Seizure Patients?

What Police Need to Know About Recognizing Seizure Behavior

How Did My Doctor Choose My Anti-Seizure Medication? Part 3

How Did My Doctor Choose My Anti-Seizure Medication? Part 2

How Did My Doctor Choose My Anti-Seizure Medication? Part 1

Stem Cell Therapy: A Potential Treatment for Epilepsy?

What is the Postictal Phase of a Seizure?

Rare Disease Day: The Inseparable Bond Between Research and Hope

First Responders: What EMTs Should Know About Treating Seizures

Types of EEGs: Which Do I Need?

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Epilepsy – Is There a Connection?

Sleep Apnea and Seizures: Can OSA Cause Seizures?

Do Absence Seizures Affect the Whole Brain?

Go Online and Celebrate International Epilepsy Day

Vitamin B6 and Epilepsy: Can Low Levels Cause Seizures?

How to Travel with Your Anti-Seizure Medications

Does Cannabidiol Oil Reduce Seizure Frequency?

College-Bound? Coping with Epilepsy to Get the Most Out of School

Career Opportunities for EEG Technologists

Epilepsy and Flying: Is It Safe for Me to Fly if I Have Seizures?

Epilepsy and Behavior: Does Epilepsy Cause Behavioral Disorders?

Does Mindfulness Therapy Work for Epilepsy?

What My 1st EEG Video Monitoring Study on a Child Was Like

How Do Tonic Seizures & Atonic Seizures Differ?

Understanding West Syndrome or Infantile Spasms

Alternative Treatments for Epilepsy: Acupressure for Sleep

How Might My Emotional Life Change After Epilepsy Surgery?

4 Body Systems Affected by Epilepsy

Temporal Lobe Resection: Can Seizures Continue Afterward?

Can You Train Seizure Alert Dogs by Yourself?

Medical Marijuana and Epilepsy: What’s Happening in Colorado?

Top 10 Tips to Manage Your PNES

How Do Anti-Seizure Medications Work? Part 2

How Do Anti-Seizure Medications Work? Part 1

Mothers with Epilepsy: Join a Worldwide Study

Seizure Safety: What Flight Attendants Need to Know

Why Do I Have PNES?

The Surprising Prevalence of Insomnia in Epilepsy

Seizure Management Ideas for the Holidays

Why I Love to Shop

Avoiding Sleep Deprivation Seizures: Tips to Unwind!

WebEase: Free Online Program for Managing Epilepsy

Epilepsy Research and The Rare Epilepsy Network

Rare Epilepsies: Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Living Well with Epilepsy: The Angel Wings Foundation

Epilepsy and Depression: How Project Uplift Can Help

8 Things to Know About Anti-Seizure Medications

Autism and Epilepsy: The FamilieSCN2a Research Foundation

15 Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Seizure Management

Coping with Epilepsy and Depression: The PEARLS Program

Epilepsy Awareness: How to Handle Bullying

Seizure Management: How Families Can Support a Loved One

Epilepsy and Pregnancy: Does Birth Control Affect Seizures?

Health Care Policy Issues: Do Physicians Vote?

Headaches and Seizures: Can You Prevent Getting Them?

Does the Mozart Effect Reduce Seizure Activity?

How Are Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures (PNES) Diagnosed?

FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Rare Forms of Epilepsy: Part 3

FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Rare Forms of Epilepsy: Part 2

Helpful Information About Jobs for People with Epilepsy

SUDEP: What to Do When the Unthinkable Happens

Epilepsy and Employment: Federal Protection through the ADA

How to Know if Being an EEG Technologist Is Right for You

7 Seizure Safety Tips for Success in the Workplace

Sleep Seizures: The Importance of Getting Quality Zzzzs

What are the 5 types of a Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy?

Good News for Pregnant Moms Taking Certain Antiepileptic Drugs

Dravet Syndrome: Causes, Conditions and Health Issues

4 Paws for Ability – Program for Seizure Alert Dogs

Seizure Response Dogs: 4-Legged Miracles

Batten Disease: A Rare Form of Epilepsy

Doose Syndrome: An Overview

SUDEP Awareness: Tell the World

SUDEP Awareness Day: It’s Time to Un-stifle the Silence

Diagnosing Epilepsy: Can Smart Clothing Detect Seizures?

Epilepsy Fundraising: Friend Offers to Match Donations

The High Cost of Anti-seizure Medications

Tips if You Have Family Member Caregiver Burnout

The Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs on Balance

Epilepsy Management: Behaviors and Resources for Optimal Self-Care

What First Responders Need to Know About Seizures

What Is the Barrier to Quality Seizure Care for Veterans with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries)?

Prenatal Exposure to Valproate Lowers School Performance

Veterans with Epilepsy Caused by PTSD and TBI

Epilepsy and Driving: The Engle Epilepsy Surgery Outcome Scale

Medical Marijuana Clinical Trial in Children with Refractory Epilepsy

Epilepsy and ADHD: Does Epilepsy Increase the Risk of Developing ADHD?

How In-Home Ambulatory EEG with Video Fits into My Practice

Epilepsy and Pregnancy: Can Folic Acid Reduce the Risk of Autism? 

Epilepsy and Pregnancy: The North American AED Pregnancy Registry

What Every Teacher Needs to Know about First Aid for Seizures

What Is a Lesionectomy?

Reasons to Attend the 57th Annual ASET Conference

Epilepsy and Driving: Pre- and Post-Surgical Driving Habits

Epilepsy and Consciousness

What the Proposed Medicare Formulary Improvement Act Means

Seizure Precautions at Home: Part 3—The Bedroom

Seizure Precautions at Home: Part 2—The Kitchen

Rett Syndrome Research Trust Announces $9 Million in Research Awards

Seizure Precautions at Home: Part 1—The Bathroom

Kids Crew: Epilepsy Awareness and Fundraising Program Just for…Kids!

What Is PCDH19 Epilepsy?

Epilepsy and Driving: Can Interictal Activity affect Safety?

Epilepsy and Pregnancy: Common Misconceptions

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts while Waiting in the Waiting Room

How to Prevent Seizures: Alternative and Non-Medicinal Methods

Famous Epileptics: Congressman Tony Coelho

Traumatic Brain Injuries from War: A Growing Seizure Population

Seizure Precautions: Bed Alarms and Seizure Aids

What is a Temporal Lobe Resection?

Side Effects of Anti-Seizure Medications

Epileptic Vertigo and Similar Disorders

Can I Substitute Generic Drugs for My Anti-Seizure Medications?

Do Anticonvulsants Effect Bone Mineral Density?

Does Medical Marijuana Control Seizures in Children with Epilepsy?

Does Type 1 Diabetes Increase the Risk of a Diabetic Seizure?

A Thief in the Night: Hypermotor Seizures

What Does a Diagnosis of Complex Partial Seizures Mean?

Why Does the FDA Delay the Release of New Anti-Seizure Medications?

Can Reclaimed Water Expose the Public to Antiepileptic Drugs?

What Is Sturge-Weber Syndrome?

Tonic Clonic Alcoholic Seizures

What Causes Seizures? Part 2

Seizure Precautions: The Relationship Between Diabetes and Seizures

Dravet Syndrome: An Overview of a Rare Childhood Onset Epilepsy

Epilepsy and Pregnancy: Should I take My AEDs during My Pregnancy?

What Causes Seizures? Part 1

Quench Summer Thirst with Lemonade Stands - Epilepsy Fundraising

Is Medical Marijuana a Valid Treatment for Epilepsy? Part 2

Types of Neurodiagnostic Testing Used to Diagnose Epilepsy: Part 2

Parents with Epilepsy: Tips to Ease Your Concerns

Redefining Seizure Care: 2016 American Academy of Neurology Conference

Prince: Musician, Superstar and Famous Epileptic

How to Find the Right Epilepsy Camp for a Child who has Seizures

Pre-med or EEG? My Fork in the Career Path Road

EEG Technologists Who Started Their Careers in a Different Field

Neurodiagnostics Week Focus: RSC EEG Technologists Who Transitioned from the Sleep Field

How to Prepare Your Child for a Successful In-Home EEG with Video

What Seizures are Most Common Based on Age of Patient?

Insulin and Seizures: Is it Epilepsy or Something Else?

Scholarships Available for the 2016 ASET Annual Conference - Apply NOW!

Seizure Precautions: How to Sleep Better If You Have Epilepsy

Huntington’s Disease and Seizures

Shop on Amazon Smile and Raise Money for the Epilepsy Foundation

Neurodiagnostic Week: Your Brain is Our Business

Joining ASET is a Smart Choice: Personally and Professionally

Rasmussen’s Syndrome in Children

Memoirs of the 5th National Epilepsy Walk in Washington, DC

The Anita Kaufmann Foundation

Can Anti-Epileptic Drugs Cause A Loss of Balance?

Interview: Jessica Keenan Smith, founder of Living Well With Epilepsy

Can Energy Drinks Side Effects Increase the Risk of a Seizure?

Managing Epilepsy in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Types of Neurodiagnostic Testing Used to Diagnose Epilepsy: Part 1

Focal Cortical Dysplasia, a Congenital Cause of Epilepsy

Can Childhood Exercise Increase Brain Function throughout an Entire Life?

Acquired Epilepsy: Neurocystcercosis and the Importance of Washing your Hands and Food

Rett Syndrome: Symptoms, Stages and Resources

Epilepsy Awareness: Why is Purple Day® so MUCH FUN?

What’s App Doc? 3 Seizure Tracking Apps

Is In-Home Prolonged EEG with Video becoming the New Wingman for EMUs?

Dreams Really Do Come True: $5000 UCB 2016 Scholarship Deadline Approaching Soon!

Are Febrile Seizures a Sign of Epilepsy?

Five Epilepsy Treatments for Managing Seizures

Saint Valentine: The Patron Saint of Epilepsy

5 Ways Smoking Cigarettes Can Increase the Risk of Seizures

Spotlight on Athletes with Epilepsy: Jenny LaBaw CrossFit Competitor

Why I want to be a part of RSC's EEG Tech Team

3 No-Hassle Ideas for a Home-based 2016 Super Bowl Party / Epilepsy Fundraiser

Four Tips to Promote a Walk for Epilepsy

How to Become a Neurologist

Can Listening to Music cause Seizures?

Reflex Epilepsy: A Puzzling Condition

Epilepsy Awareness: Put Your Arms Out, It’s National Hug Day!

50-year Study Reveals Long Term Affects of Epilepsy in Children

Is Medical Marijuana a valid treatment for Epilepsy? Part 1

Photo Competition for International Epilepsy Day 2016

Similarities between Vasovagal Syncope (Fainting Spells) and Epilepsy

Learning to Balance Hormone-Sensitive Catamenial Epilepsy

Gemstone Therapy and Epilepsy: Complementary Treatment or Quackery?

Chance to Win $1000: Tell your Story about Epilepsy

5 EASY New Year’s Resolutions for Epilepsy Advocates

After the First Seizure: To Treat or Not to Treat?

Can a Breathable Pillow Help Prevent SUDEP?

Proven Travel Tips to Eliminate Stress for In-Home EEG Technicians

The Relationship between Hemiplegia and Epilepsy

Does Your Child Need Genetic Testing for Pediatric Epilepsy?

Victory On and Off the Field: Tenacious Coach, Cancer Survivor and Epileptic Jerry Kill Retires and Now Inspires

5 Holiday Survival Tips: Don’t Let the Stress of the Holidays Trigger a Seizure

Why it is Imperative to Monitor Children who are taking Anti-Epileptic Drugs

I Just Had My First Seizure – What to Do After a Seizure

The Neurologist Shortage in the United States

The Importance of Using a Seizure Tracker

Can a Urinary Tract Infection Increase the Risk for Seizures?

Happy Thanksgiving the Ketogenic Way

National Epilepsy Awareness Month: A Time to Learn, Educate, Advocate and Donate

No Laughing Matter: Gelastic Seizures

Can Seizures be caused by Red Dye 40 Food Coloring?

The Potential Side Effects of Seizures on the Body and Quality of Life

How to Manage Your Energy and be More Productive in Less Time

Does Menstrual Cycle Effect Seizure Frequency in Women?

Take Heart: New VNS Implant May Reduce Seizures for Epileptics

Can a Prolactin Blood Test Detect Epileptic Seizures?

A Common Misdiagnosis of Epilepsy: Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures

Learning to Accept your Epilepsy: Yoga and the Mind-Body Connection

The Stigma of being Epileptic: A Need for Epilepsy Awareness

7 Common Myths about Epilepsy

NHS England Halts Funding for Deep Brain Stimulation

Famous Epileptics: Olympian Gold Medalist Florence Griffith Joyner

Knock, Knock. Anybody Home? Absence Seizures in Children

3 EEG Activation Procedures Used to Induce Seizures

What Happened When My Wife Became an EEG Technician for RSC

What Is the Jeanne A. Carpenter Epilepsy Legal Defense Fund?

Do Prisoners have Rights to Epilepsy Medications Refills?

Should Epileptics Exercise?

When Stress becomes Dangerous: Stress Seizures

Lost In Space: Complex Partial Seizures In Adults

Is Yoga Helpful to Epileptics?

Laser Ablation Surgery: Can It Really Help?

Neurologist vs. Epileptologist – What Is the Difference?

What is Meditation…and how do I do it?

Are Essential Oils Helpful for Seizure Disorders?

Diabetic Seizures – What Are They? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Don’t Let Epilepsy Limit your Education!

Why do Cerebral Palsy patients have Seizures?

Harriet Tubman – Abolitionist, Spy and among Famous Epileptics?

Farewell to Oliver Sacks, Famous Neurologist

The Controversy of Epilepsy and Driving

Seizure Alert Dogs

Decisions for EEG Techs: Working Remotely vs. Working at a Hospital

Can a Ketogenic Diet Help Minimize the Occurrence of Seizures?

Is Relaxation Meditation Safe for Those Who Suffer from Epilepsy?

How to Minimize the Risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

Twitter Video Advertisements May Have Triggered Epileptic Episodes

Is Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) Right for You?

Dan the Man! A Patient’s Viewpoint of an Ambulatory EEG

Preparing for an EEG Study

A new standard in care for Epilepsy in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Seizure First Aid: What to do When Someone has a Seizure

Epilepsy Awareness: Why the Family Fun Run/Walk is FUN!

Seizure after Stroke: Is it common?

Cutting Down on Misdiagnosis of Epileptic Patients

What to Do While Wearing EEG Wires for Three Days

ABRET: Why Are You Compelled to Get Credentialed?

RSC Diagnostic Services Launches New Website

One Too Many Concussions