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Epilepsy Scholarship Money Available

Posted by RSC Diagnostics on Apr 7, 2017

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In 2017, it’s no secret that college is expensive. Between the tuition prices, books and room and board, every little bit can help.

Students who are looking for epilepsy scholarships can add the American Association on Health and Disability’s Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability to their list. This scholarship is for students protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA. Although the scholarship is open to anyone protected by the ADA, students who have epilepsy and can meet the requirements should consider submitting an application.


Who is Frederick J. Krause?

The scholarship recognizes Frederick J. Krause, a lifelong supporter and advocate for people living with disabilities. After passing away in 2014, the scholarship was setup to continue Krause’s legacy of disability advocacy. The scholarships are for students living with disabilities who are focusing on disability-related studies. The scholarship provides funds under $1,000.

If you are considering college or already in college, not only do you need ways to pay for your education, you need to learn ways to cope with your epilepsy as you experience new schedules, deadlines, social activities, etc. For many students, college represents a freedom previously not experienced. Yet, college life is demanding and stressful for any student. Get the edge on success and read College-Bound? Coping with Epilepsy to Get the Most Out of School.

How to Apply for Scholarship Money

For those looking to apply for the Frederick J. Krause Scholarship, the application form can be found here.

Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

Students looking to apply for scholarship money must be able to certify that they are:

  • U.S. citizens or legal residents living in the United States.
  • Enrolled in an accredited university in the United States, either full-time with 1 year of undergraduate education, or a part-time student graduate student.
  • Have a disability defined within the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Students will be given preferential selection if he or she is:

  • Pursuing a degree that relates to health or disability studies, including public health, health promotion, disability studies, rehab engineering, disability policy, audiology, disability research, special education, or any other degree that might reasonably impact the quality of life of persons living with disabilities.
  • Active in community service or volunteer work.

However, students who have not graduated high school, or high school students entering college during the fall 2017 semester will not be eligible to apply for the Frederick J. Krause Scholarship.

To apply, students need to provide a personal statement (two pages, double spaced maximum) including a personal history, his or her education and career goals for the future, extra-curricular activities, and reasons why he or she should be selected to receive the scholarship.

Applicants should also be able to provide two letters of recommendation, with one being from a teacher or academic advisor. Letters can be sent by postal service or as an email attachment, but must include a signature of the author, with the applicant’s name in the subject line of the email. Emails can be sent to with “2017-18 Scholarship” in the subject line.

Applicants must also provide an official college transcript in a sealed envelope, documentation of his or her disability from a specialist, and must agree to allow the AAHD to use the applicant’s name, photo, and/or story in future scholarship materials.


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