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The Importance of Using a Seizure Tracker

Posted by RSC Diagnostics on Dec 2, 2015

RSC seizure tracking calendarWhenever you have a seizure, it is essential that you record the event in a seizure calendar. Be sure to take your calendar with you when you visit your doctor and hand over a copy. It will be useful to the neurologist in diagnosing and treating your epileptic seizures. It is easy to forget what happens after an event and the calendar provides the neurologist with important information about your seizures or the triggers associated with each event.

Which is better—a paper calendar or an App?

A seizure calendar does not need to be complex. The more simplistic the calendar is, the easier it will be for the neurologist to understand and for you to maintain.

Either a paper calendar or an electronic calendar will work. Your doctor will be pleased to have some type of documentation, so use what works best for you!

You can use a desk or pocket calendar with squares for each day or a wall calendar with larger squares. Just marking an “X” on the day a seizure occurs will be helpful. However, adding details makes it all the more helpful for your doctor to gain insight into your seizures and seizure triggers.

If you experience different types of seizures, you can use various symbols to record what you experienced. For example, write “P” for partial complex seizure, “C” for convulsions, or “A” for those seizures accompanied by an aura on the day of the event. Potential triggers can be also documented on a seizure calendar. Use symbols to report missed medication, sleep deprivation, stress, fear, or for women, the menstrual cycle.

If you prefer a paper calendar, you can use a store-bought calendar, any free downloadable calendar or download our simple Seizure Calendar that contains a legend of symbols. You can customize your own symbols, too, if you want. Keep the calendar handy so you can update it as often as needed.

Electronic apps like are quite useful and can keep track of a wide range of information such as epileptic seizures, medication dosages, and appointments. A graph can be customized to show the neurologist any patterns. The app allows you to access your calendar from a mobile phone or computer and you can download the report and graphs.

Other tracking apps may be available on Google Play or iTunes. Check to see what online seizure calendar is right for you. Ideally, you will want an app that you can easily email to your physician. In some cases, giving the physician the login details may work. However, the ability to print your report and give a hard copy to your physician is perfectly acceptable.

Coming Soon

In late 2015, the Epilepsy Foundation is launching a new tracker that can be accessed by computer, tablet, and mobile devices. The tracker offers new features, backward compatibility with their current tracker and a medication list to report new medications or missed medications. The data can be reviewed by day or by month to make sharing your events with your physician easy.

Do not underestimate the value of keeping a seizure calendar. You can record all of the details and events leading up to a seizure or right after a seizure occurs. Whether the seizure calendar is paper or digital, the calendar is an important tool that will provide your doctor with important insights into your condition.


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