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The Misdiagnosis of Epilepsy: 10 Conditions That Mimic Epilepsy

Having a seizure, or what appears to be a seizure, is always a frightening experience. Many people believe that if you have a seizure, it must mean that you have epilepsy, but ...

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Does Type 1 Diabetes Increase the Risk of a Diabetic Seizure?

According to a recent research study published by author I-Ching Chou, MD, China Medical University Children’s Hospital in Taichung, Taiwan, there may be a link between type 1 ...

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Topics: Diabetic seizures

Seizure Precautions: The Relationship Between Diabetes and Seizures

The brain requires sugar in order to function properly, and when the blood sugar drops too low, known as hypoglycemia, some patients may actually suffer a seizure. The type of ...

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Insulin and Seizures: Is it Epilepsy or Something Else?

Insulin is highly important to the brain, as well as the rest of the body. This hormone allows the body to absorb glucose, which the body then uses as fuel. Those who suffer from ...

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