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What is a Temporal Lobe Resection?

  A temporal lobe resection is a surgery performed on the temporal lobe of the brain to resect, or cut away, the seizure focus to control epilepsy.  A temporal lobe resection is ...

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Topics: Epilepsy, Epilepsy surgery, temporal lobe resection, Anti seizure medications, Refractory epilepsy

Focal Cortical Dysplasia, a Congenital Cause of Epilepsy

Focal cortical dysplasia (FCD) is a variety of congenital (present at birth) abnormalities associated with focal epilepsy. FCD affects the development of the cerebral cortex (top ...

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Topics: Epilepsy surgery, Drug Resistant Epilepsy, Focal cortical dysplasia, Epilepsy and lobotomy, Epilepsy surgery outcomes, Causes of Seizures

Five Epilepsy Treatments for Managing Seizures

Over the past two decades, the treatment options available for patients with epilepsy have improved greatly. While there is not a cure for epilepsy, when patients get the right ...

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Topics: Epilepsy surgery, Epidiolex, Vagus Nerve Stimulation, pacemaker for the brain, DBS, Medical Marijuana, Treatment options for epilepsy, VNS, Deep brain stimulation, Anti seizure medications

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