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Art Therapy and Epilepsy Study

  The goal of the study, which was published in Epilepsy & Behavior, was to compare the similarities and the differences between sculptures made by 10 different patients. Out ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Living with epilepsy

Seizure Prediction Via Crowdsourcing

It has always been somewhat difficult to predict seizures with a great degree of accuracy. However, there are some improvements that have been made in this field of study in ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Living with epilepsy, Predicting Seizures, Seizure Detection

Epilepsy and Virtual Care Could Work Well

With all of the new technology that has become commonplace in the world over the last decade or so, it is only natural that it has found its way into the medical field. In fact, ...

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Topics: Living with epilepsy, Virtual Care and Epilepsy

Men Develop Epilepsy More Often

Research indicates that there is a slight increased risk of developing epilepsy for men when compared with women. There are also indications that they are more susceptible to ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Living with epilepsy, Epliepsy in Men

Misdiagnosis of Pediatric Epilepsy as Gastrointestinal Disorders

Over the course of the last few years, there have been several cases of pediatric epilepsy originally misdiagnosed as a type of gastrointestinal disorder. The misdiagnoses were ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Diagnosing Epilepsy, Living with epilepsy, Pediatric Epilepsy, Children and Epilepsy

How Gut Bacteria Affects Antiseizure Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Researchers from the University of California have conducted a study that indicates that there is a specific bacterium in the intestines that plays an important part of ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Living with epilepsy, ketogenic diet, ketrogenic diet and epilepsy

Student at St. Norbert College Overcomes Setbacks Due to Epilepsy

Going to college and graduating is the dream of many young people, and it’s one that can be stressful and difficult even under the best of circumstances. When it comes to Joey ...

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Topics: Living with epilepsy

Sanofi Epilepsy Drug: The UK Bans Drug Use for Women at Risk for Pregnancy

All pharmaceuticals have side effects and risks. Even things as seemingly commonplace as over the counter pain medication carries with it the risk of stomach and liver damage if ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Living with epilepsy, Valproate during Pregnancy, Epilepsy Drugs and Pregnancy

Technology Could Help Patients Manage Epilepsy

The Epilepsy Care Alliance in the UK has found that technology investments in the field of epilepsy treatment have the potential to reduce the amount of pressure that is on the ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Research, Managing Your Epilepsy, Living with epilepsy, Technology and Epilepsy

Poor School Results Could Be Caused by Exposure to Epilepsy Drug in the Womb

Researchers located at the Neurology Research Group in Swansea University Medical School have recently found that when a mother had exposure to epilepsy drugs, those drugs in the ...

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Topics: Epilepsy and Pregnancy, Living with epilepsy, Side Effects Epilepsy Drugs

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