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Redefining Seizure Care: 2016 American Academy of Neurology Conference


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Is In-Home Prolonged EEG with Video becoming the New Wingman for EMUs?

Previously and not so long ago, a patient getting a prolonged EEG had to remain in a hospital bed for days since the equipment was too bulky to take out of the facility. Now, ...

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Topics: In-Home Video EEG, Ambulatory EEG, Preventative Care, Neurology, Diagnosing Epilepsy, What Is It Like to Have an EEG?, Careers in Neurodiagnostics

How to Become a Neurologist

Are you Motivated? Does your epilepsy or seizure-like events make you want to seek answers or search for a cure? If yes, you are not alone. Many people with epilepsy wish they ...

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After the First Seizure: To Treat or Not to Treat?

Many people wonder whether they should start taking an anti-epilepsy drug (AED) after they experience their first seizure.

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Topics: Seizures, Preventative Care, Neurology, Diagnosing Epilepsy, First Seizure, Careers in Neurodiagnostics, Anti seizure medications

The Neurologist Shortage in the United States

If long waiting lists were not an indicator of a neurologist shortage, a study published in “Neurology” confirms it. The study estimates the U.S. neurologist shortage will ...

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Take Heart: New VNS Implant May Reduce Seizures for Epileptics

A large number of people in the world suffer from epilepsy and debilitating seizures. There is currently no cure for epilepsy, and there is still a substantial amount of research ...

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A Common Misdiagnosis of Epilepsy: Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures

The misdiagnosis of epilepsy is common. Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) differ from epileptic seizures. Epileptic seizures are due to a neurological “misfire”. However, ...

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Topics: Insider, Seizures, Neurology, Epilepsy Awareness & Advocacy

Neurologist vs. Epileptologist – What Is the Difference?

There is some confusion over the exact differences between neurologists and epileptologists, but when you look closer at them, the differences become quite apparent. Let’s look at ...

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Topics: Epilepsy Treatment, Neurology, Epilepsy Awareness & Advocacy

Farewell to Oliver Sacks, Famous Neurologist

                  Noted British neurologist Oliver Sacks died Sunday at age 82. Author of eleven books, Dr. Sacks not only influenced the field of neurology, but his books were ...

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Topics: Insider, Epilepsy, Neurology

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