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Smart Devices Helping Epilepsy Patients

The modern world seems to be flooded with all kinds of devices. From smart watches that track your movement and even let you surf the Internet to gear that lets you operate your ...

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Topics: SUDEP, Seizure Tracker, Living with epilepsy, Seizure Identification

How to Prevent Seizures: Alternative and Non-Medicinal Methods

The majority of the time, seizures happen unexpectedly. For many people, anti seizure medications help to control seizures; however, there are some people who want to ...

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Topics: Seizure Tracker, Seizure Safety Tips, Seizure Treatment Options, Seizure Protection Aids

What’s App Doc? 3 Seizure Tracking Apps

Seizure tracking apps are useful to record important information your epilepsy. Each app offers something different. Some apps record seizures, drug side effects or any other ...

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Topics: Seizure Tracker, Seizure App, Epiwatch, Epilepsy Tracking App, Epilepsy App, Epilepsy Tracker, Epilepsy Diary

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