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Seizure Like Symptoms but NOT a Seizure: Part 1

Receiving a diagnosis of epilepsy can be devastating. Fortunately, there are many treatment options (both medical and surgical) and support systems available to help. This means ...

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Topics: Diagnosing Epilepsy, Causes of Seizures, Veterans with Seizures, Types of seizures

The Misdiagnosis of Epilepsy: 10 Conditions That Mimic Epilepsy

Having a seizure, or what appears to be a seizure, is always a frightening experience. Many people believe that if you have a seizure, it must mean that you have epilepsy, but ...

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Topics: Diagnosing Epilepsy, Types of seizures, Veterans with Seizures, Diabetic seizures

Veterans with Epilepsy Caused by PTSD and TBI

When a seizure is not caused by epilepsy, it is often described with the acronym PNES. This means psychogenic non-epileptic seizure. It usually features fainting spells, ...

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Topics: Veterans with Seizures, In-Home Video EEG

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