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What Does It Mean When Someone Is Frothing at the Mouth?

Posted by RSC Diagnostics on Jun 21, 2018

When you see someone frothing at the mouth, it is important to realize that this is not a common occurrence, and it is typically going to mean that the person is suffering from a medical problem that requires immediate emergency care. It is never something that you want to ignore, and it is important that you understand some of the most common causes and what can be done to help people who are in need.Safety First written on rural road

Most Common Causes

One of the causes of frothing uncontrollably at the mouth is overdosing on drugs. When someone takes more drugs than their body can handle, they will often have an overdose. Someone who is having an overdose might also cause seizures, which can cause the saliva to pool at the corners of the mouth and to be pushed through the lips and teeth.

The overdose can cause quite a few other issues for the person, as well, including heart attacks and even death. Those who have a pulmonary edema, which means that fluid is in the lungs, will often froth at the mouth, as well.

Those who suffer from epilepsy and who have seizures could also have frothing at the mouth when they are undergoing a seizure. Those who suffer from a tonic clonic seizure and who are convulsing will often have some bubbling or foaming at the mouth. They will often go unconscious during the seizure, and the entire body will begin to convulse. They do not have any muscle control at this time, and their saliva can pool in the mouth and be forced through the teeth and lips.

Rabies is extremely rare in humans, but it is often one of the first things that people think about when they imagine someone frothing at the mouth. Most of the time, there are only a handful of cases of human rabies annually, and most of them will not be frothing at the mouth. Still, saliva production is increased in someone who has rabies, and if someone has recently been bit and exhibits this problem, they are going to need to have immediate medical help. When left untreated, rabies will kill.

How to Help Those In Need

Regardless of the cause of someone frothing at the mouth, it is essential that they get the medical help they need as soon as possible. Naturally, the type of treatment they receive is going to vary based on what is causing the frothing at the mouth.

If someone has suffered from an overdose, they will need to be admitted to a hospital as soon as you are able to get them there. If an overdose is not treated, there is the potential for far more problems than just frothing at the mouth including organ damage and death. In most cases, someone who has suffered from an overdose is going to need to stay in the hospital for at least a couple of days.

When someone is suffering from a seizure, you will want to make sure that there is nothing in their vicinity that could cause them harm. If there is move it, and if they are close to a wall where they could hit their head, you will want to use something soft that will help to provide some padding. Stay with the person until the seizure is over and they regain consciousness.

Make sure they rest and are hydrated. If they have had seizures in the past, and they are accustomed to them and know what they mean, they may not need to seek out medical attention. However, if they have not had seizures before, or if the seizure was particularly severe, they should seek out medical attention

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