RSC Now Offers Continuous Video EEG Monitoring

RSC Diagnostic Services now offers Continuous Video EEG Monitoring (cVEEG) services to hospitals and facilities for Epilepsy Monitoring Units (EMUs) and Intensive Care Units (ICUs).  We partner with the hospital and facility to deliver an effective suite of services.


A Comprehensive Model

Key components of our services include:

  • Turnkey support for cVEEG to meet the needs of your facilityistockphoto-855680246-612x612 (2)
  • Dedicated technologist 24/7 real-time, eyes-on patient monitoring by R. EEG T. and CLTM technologists
  • Communication with on-call physicians to remotely intervene when events occur
  • Professional EEG interpretations if desired by the facility
  • Daily Communication of monitoring activity
  • Controls that meet all industry standards and facility requirements
  • Coordination with internal Neurology staff for communications of electrographic seizure activity
  • Secure communications that meet all HITECH Act and HIPAA privacy requirements
  • Flexible equipment and IT support customized to meet the needs of the facility
  • Efficient support for operations and quality control customized to meet the needs of the facility

Benefits of Continuous Video EEG Monitoring

Continuous Video EEG Monitoring:

  • Enables a definitive diagnosis through the delivery of Video EEG data acquired during the study period
  • Combines EEG, Video and 24-hour monitoring to deliver real-time data to detect events and ongoing seizure activity
  • Provides accurate clinical data to make a definitive diagnosis and avoid unnecessary treatment and medication
  • Assures 24/7 real-time, eyes-on monitoring
  • Increases capabilities and capacity for EMUs and ICUs to improve patient quality of care
  • Supports diagnosis of convulsive and non-convulsive seizure and event classification and is considered the Gold Standard.
    • ACNS consensus panel recommends cEEG monitoring for all diagnosis of nonconvulsive seizures, nonconvulsive status epilepticus and other paroxysmal events. Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology April 2015
    • 44% of pediatric ICU patients have seizures on cEEG, 39% were non-convulsive. Hirsch et al. 2006
    • Frequency of electrographic seizures in ICU patients with acute neurological conditions has been reported as between 19%-50%. Arch Neurol 2004 ;61:1090-1094