Top 10 Reasons to Work as an RSC Technologist

  1. NO Inpatients, Stat EEGs or being called back to work all in the same day or week
  2. NO running around the facility doing patient after patient
  3. Conduct the EEG study in your patient's home, an environment they are most comfortable
  4. Spend between 2-3 hours at your patient's house for a set-up and then head home
  5. Spend 30-45 minutes at patient's house for a disconnect and then head home
  6. The ease of a flexible schedule
  7. Work from your home office uploading EEG studies, scanning patient documentation, emailing reports and other administrative tasks
  8. Work with co-workers and a management team who truly values and verbalizes their appreciation for your hard work and dedication
  9. Have the potential to advance in your Technologist role as RSC continues to grow
  10. Work in an environment you deserve: Responsibility, Freedom, High level of Patient Care