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"If there are events during the recording, capturing 88% on camera is very good and probably as good as it gets."

~ Dr. Selim Benbadis
Professor and Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program at the University of South Florida


“Having the peace of mind, knowing that RSC would travel to my home for hookup and would even dispatch a tech back to my home if an issue arose, made me feel that I was in the hands of people who cared. I truly appreciate that.”   

~ Janine P., Florida

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Non-critical patients need in-home tests that capture 1-5 days of EEG waveforms, clear audio, infrared video and patient documentation of daily events.

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Hiring the best registered EEG technologists is our standard. RSC delivers professionalism and the highest level of patient care.

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RSC staff is friendly, dedicated and has a genuine compassion for patient care. We will provide an in-home EEG study that is easy, convenient and comfortable.

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EEG Video Monitoring
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Does EEG-Video monitoring need to be performed in the inpatient setting? 

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Dr. Katherine Standley

RSC provides excellent quality ambulatory EEGs with video correlate that allows for hospital quality long-term video EEG monitoring in an ambulatory setting. RSC monitors in an at home setting where patients experience their events while still obtaining hospital quality recordings. The reduction in hospital costs is significant for my non-critical patients who need the long-term video EEG monitoring but do not need to be in the hospital setting. I am impressed with the fact that RSC has registered EEG technicians complete an accurate, high quality pruning and review of each patient study. Their registered EEG technologists are thorough and experienced. I highly recommend using RSC for in-home video EEG studies.

Dr. Katherine Standley Wesley Chapel, FL

Dr. Thomas Pearson

I appreciate the service that RSC has provided my patients and uniformly have had positive feedback from the patients. As inconvenient as the exam may be for them, they have always reported back to me on how polite and helpful the staff has been.

As a diagnostic tool, the ambulatory EEG has allowed me to expand my clinical practice to include diagnosis and management of some more complex epilepsy, syncope, and parasomnia cases.

Dr. Thomas Pearson Neurologist, Florida

Cassie W. (Mother of Pediatric Patient Shelby)
My daughter started having seizures when she was 13 months old. She has had 8 or more EEG's from Blair E. Batson to UAB. She has also had MRI's, sleep studies and CT's which all came back normal. Seizures were progressively getting worse. I made a CD of videos of my daughter and sent them to some of the best children's hospitals. We were contacted by one of the doctors. Of course she wanted to run her own tests. That's where we meet John, our RSC EEG Technician. He came to our home to set-up and was wonderful with Shelby! He was very informative and contacted us daily checking in.

Cassie W. (Mother of Pediatric Patient Shelby) Mississippi

I trained at an academic medical center where inpatient EEG monitoring was the only option offered to our patients. Once out in private practice, I was skeptical that quality data could be obtained in a home setting. RSC Diagnostic Services have really impressed me with the professionalism of their technicians and the high quality EEG data combined with high resolution video and event monitoring. The ability to review data from home or office and record patients in the comfort of their homes has been a game changer for how we practice.

Dr. David Sinclair Biloxi, MS