Does Video EEG Monitoring Need to Be Performed in the Inpatient Setting? - Selim Benbadis, M.D.

EEG-video monitoring now has the option of being both inpatient and outpatient—find out the pros and cons of each with this review.

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In-Home Video EEG Helps Diagnose Sleep Related Seizures - Thomas O. Pearson, M.D.

Find out how in-home video EEG helps patients with parasomnias and sleep related disorders find both a proper diagnosis and peaceful sleep.

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In-Home Video EEG Helps to Diagnose Non-Epileptic Events vs Epilepsy - Thomas Pearson, M.D.

Diagnosing non-epileptic spells versus epilepsy is a huge challenge in neurology, and this case study shows in-home video EEG is a reliable solution.

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Staring Spells in Developmentally Delayed Adult - David J. Sinclair, M.D.

RSC’s Case Study shows how AEEG can help diagnose spells in developmentally delayed adults who can’t communicate their symptoms well.

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Making the Diagnosis in Frontal Supplementary Motor Area Seizures with Video Capture of Seizure Semiology - David J. Sinclair, M.D.

In-home ambulatory video EEG has revolutionized the way doctors diagnose frontal lobe seizures; find out how with our case study!

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Psychogenic Seizures in the Epileptic Patient - Katherine Standley, M.D.

Find out through this case study how AEEG helped diagnose a patient with similar psychogenic and epileptic symptoms.

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Pre-syncope vs Seizure in a Patient with Suspected Abnormality in Routine EEG - Katherine Standley, M.D.

The combination of routine EEG resources is what led to this patient’s treatment. Read our case study to learn more!

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Syncopal Episodes in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy - Katherine Standley, M.D.

See how this 46-year-old patient’s long term syncope was diagnosed using an extended ambulatory video EEG.

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Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Attacks in PTSD Patients - Katherine Standley, M.D.

One patient experienced non-epileptic attacks, and a 48 hour in-home video EEG study showed a clear diagnosis when other hospital scans could not.

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Staring Spells – Behavioral or Epileptic? - Katherine Standley, M.D.

The patient’s staring spells were more than a simple habit; this was proven by the 24 hour in-home video EEG monitoring, and the provided case study.

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Nausea and Deja Vu as Signs of Temporal Seizures - Ambica Tumkur, M.D.

Learn how an in-home EEG justified the order of an MRI which revealed a lesion in the right temporal region in this 39-year-old woman with no history of seizures.

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