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Prepare Your Seizure Management for the Holidays

Posted by RSC Diagnostics on Nov 27, 2019

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When the holiday season rolls around, many of us find our schedules upside down. Parties, special events, unexpected gatherings, additional expenses and long shopping lists add to already busy schedules.

If your seizures are triggered by stress, lack of sleep or even excitement, the holiday season can be a challenging time of the year. No one likes to be the party pooper, but proper self-care requires that you remain aware of your limits and knowing when too much is too much. This is an important time to practice good seizure management techniques.

Keep Your Seizures Under Control and Still Have Fun!

Pay attention to what your body and mind are telling you and respond in ways that promote self-care. The following tips can help you to self-manage your levels of energy, sleep and excitability. Yes, you can do it!

  • Plan ahead. Start your shopping early and pace yourself. Give yourself plenty of time and make it fun instead of stressful. Online shopping is a great option which can reduce the need to run around.
  • If you are unable to drive, don’t be shy about asking for rides to do your shopping. Or, again, consider online shopping.
  • If you are out shopping and get hungry and tired, be sure to stop and eat. An undernourished and overly tired body is a recipe for trouble. Don’t skip meals.
  • Keep taking your medications and make sure you have plenty to get you through the holiday season. Many doctor offices have limited hours the week between Christmas and New Years.
  • Get the right amount of sleep. This can be challenging when there are late night events. If you plan to be out, try to get extra sleep the night before the event and plan to sleep in the day after it.
  • Keep performing any complementary treatments you may regularly use such as meditation or guided visualization to help lower stress levels. If you feel stressed and have never done mediation or a guided visualization, give it a try. It’s easy to do and requires no special equipment. Just a quiet place to sit. Most people report a sense of calm when they take the time to relax their mind and racing thoughts. To learn more about mediation read our blog, "What is Meditation…and How Do I Do it?".
  • Anticipation is a stimulant and, who gets more excited at this time of the year than a child? Create an atmosphere of calmness to help your child keep his or her level of excitement under control.
  • If you plan to drink alcoholic beverages, ask your doctor what is a safe limit for you and stick to it. Don’t put yourself in danger just to keep up with friends or use drinks to reduce stress.
The holidays can be a very stressful time where emotions and expectations can run high. Try to focus on being calm and staying in the moment. Nothing is perfect and when we set high expectations, any fall can be hard and intense. Accept what is and let the rest roll away. Find the bright spots and soak them in. Don't let the holidays provoke a seizure. Relax and enjoy this festive time of year.



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