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Customizable Continuous EEG Monitoring Services to Meet the Needs of Your Facility


RSC offers 24-hour, eyes-on Continuous EEG Monitoring for the EMU, Intensive Care Units (ICU, PICU, NICU) and patient floor in hospitals and facilities. We offer an array of services customizable to fit the needs of your facility.


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All Our Customizable Service Options Include:

  • Daily communication of monitoring activity
  • Controls that meet all industry and facility standards
  • Secure Communications that meet all HITECH and HIPPA privacy requirements
  • Immediate communication to designated hospital staff for critical alerts
Service Options:
  • Stand-alone 24/7, eyes-on video EEG monitoring by a R. EEG T. and CLTM Technologist
  • Scanning and Pruning
  • Professional EEG Interpretations and Consultations
  • Patient Set-up
  • Equipment
  • Data Storage
  • Headgear for Stat EEGs

The synchrony of EEG, video and 24-hour, eyes-on monitoring enables delivery of real-time data to effectively detect events and ongoing seizure activity. RSCs objective is to increase capabilities and capacity for EMUs and ICUs to assist in improving patient quality of care.