How It Works:

Ordering an In-Home Video EEG Study

Your Office:

  • Download an order form for the desired study and faxes it with all pertinent clinical notes to us at (800) 840-8626.

Our Office:

  • Sends a same-day confirmation fax upon receipt of the EEG order form, verifies the patient's benefits and begins pre-authorization, if needed.
  • Contacts the patient to schedule the study immediately upon verifying benefits or receipt of pre-authorization.
  • Faxes (or emails, if desired) a scheduled study confirmation to the doctor’s office.
  • Creates a department “Study Ticket” of the patient 2 days before their scheduled study.
  • Contacts the technologist to confirm directions and answer any questions about the upcoming study.

Our EEG Field Technologist:

  • Performs and completes the study in the comfort of your patient's home.
  • Uploads the completed study.

Our Scanning & Pruning Technologist:

  • Within 48 hours, one of our CLTMs with years of experience working in some of the best EMUs around the country will provide a Scanned Report you can have confidence in. 
  • CLTMs also prepare your reports using any template format that you require, in order to save you time during the interpretation process. the study will be ready for interpretation.

Our Contract Doctor:

  • If a contracted epileptologist is doing the interpretation, he/she completes the interpretation and returns it to the referring doctor within 3-5 business days after the study is completed.

How To Order:

  • To order an Ambulatory Video EEG, download the PDF form here and fax it to our toll-free fax number at: (800) 840-8626.
  • NOTE: If this the first AEEG order submitted from your practice/clinic/facility, please give us a call immediately after you fax the order to ensure that we received it.

This is a summary what you should expect:

  • Your staff faxes an order to our office or submits an order online.
  • We fax your office a confirmation that the order was received.
  • We fax your office and let you know when your patient is scheduled.
  • We perform the study at the patient’s home for the duration you ordered.
  • We clip and prune the study within 48 hours of disconnect.
  • We contact the reading physician when the study is ready and available through the RSC webpage, Persyst access.
  • We contact the ordering physician with the interpretation report.
  • We email your office a billing flowsheet detailing the exact type of service, dates, and codes.