RSC Diagnostic Services' goal is to provide value to everyone we work with; patients, physicians, hospitals and insurers.  Our commitment and passion is providing the ultimate in-home ambulatory video EEG experience.



  • In-home video EEG provides patients with the convenience and comfort of staying in their own home.
  • RSC technologists monitor patient status on an ongoing basis via remote login capability.  
  • Set-up and disconnects are performed by RSC technical staff which means zero travel for the patient.
  • Patient care is our number one priority. 
  • Our highly trained technologists will be available for patient questions throughout the duration of the study.
  • In-home testing is substantially more cost effective than services requiring an inpatient hospital stay.
  • Scheduling in-home tests is typically much quicker than scheduling inpatient testing.
  • RSC handles the prior authorization, insurance verification and scheduling.
  • Bluetooth technology allows the patient to move freely in their home and travel if needed.
  • RSC provides for a dedicated Patient Advocate who assists with patient needs, questions and concerns.



  • Approximately 30% of patients seen at epilepsy centers for refractory seizures do not have seizures and have been misdiagnosed.
  • Our process provides clear and instantaneous communication between RSC and the referring physician throughout the entire process.
  • Self-interpreting physicians receive clipped, pruned and scanned post study reports three business days after the study is uploaded and scanned by our Certified Long Term Monitoring Technologists.  
  • In-home testing, where the patient is subject to their every-day condition stressors, yields significantly higher results as opposed to an artificial clinical setting.
  • RSC's outsourcing process provides ease of use for the referring physician, without any burden to the practice.
  • Each study is reviewed by an accomplished ABRET - Certified Long Term Monitoring Technologist Team who provides a written summary and interpretation report for the interpreting physician – no automated detection software is used.
  • Physicians can choose to interpret their own study or RSC can provide interpretation by a clinical Neurophysiologist or Epileptologist.
  • RSC supports 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 plus hour in-home Ambulatory EEG-video monitoring.
  • Over the last 1,000+ studies completed, 40% captured a typical event with nearly 85% captured on video.


  • Practices and hospitals that do not have prolonged EEG capability (equipment and personnel) can leverage RSC’s ambulatory model to improve access to care.


  • In-home testing eliminates the cost of inpatient stays which translates to lower overall costs and lower out of pocket costs for members.
  • The cost of an in-home study averages significantly lower than the cost of a hospital stay.
  • RSC provides quality metrics for studies conducted.