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Are in-home video EEG studies covered by insurance?

Every patient situation is different when considering insurance benefits and deductibles. RSC accepts both in-network and out-of-network insurance benefits. Many insurance plans do cover ambulatory (in-home) video EEG (electroencephalogram) monitoring; however, some plans may have exclusions, limitations, pre-authorizations, pre-existing requirements, referral requirements and network requirements. It is important to understand your plan’s specific coverage details.

Will RSC verify my insurance benefits before the study?

Yes. We accept most insurance and will begin the Verification of Benefits (VOB) within 24 hours of receiving the referral from your doctor. Once we receive all of your insurance information by your referring physician, RSC will contact your insurance company and verify active benefit coverage as well as other plan specifics such as in and out-of-network deductibles, co-insurances, copays and network requirements. Again, RSC accepts both in-network and out-of-network insurance benefits.

How much will it cost me to have the in-home video EEG study completed?

Every patient situation is different when considering insurance benefits and deductibles. Your portion will be determined by your network benefit coverage, i.e. allowable for the test, deductible, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximums. We will not know an exact amount until the insurance company processes the claim and determines/sets that allowable amount for the test and then applies your specific plan’s benefits against that allowed amount. You will only be responsible for the unmet portions of your network’s deductible, co-insurance and/or out of pocket maximums at the time of the study. If you do end up owing money, our Billing & Scheduling Coordinator will carefully explain the benefit breakdown of what your insurance does and does not cover.

Do I have to pay anything upfront for the EEG study to be scheduled?

RSC may require upfront payments in order to allow your claim to process to your insurance company. It usually takes about 30 days for insurance claims to be processed, and once we receive the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company, we will make any appropriate adjustments to the charges and send you a statement outlining your patient portion for the study, if any. RSC performs all in-home video EEG studies in good faith that you will honor your liabilities and pay the amounts as outlined within your insurance coverage. Advance payment may be required under some circumstances, such as when no insurance is being filed or in a case of high unmet deductibles.

What if I cannot pay my entire patient portion at once?

If you have a concern about being able to pay your portion/deductible, RSC will work with you to put together a very flexible and affordable payment plan in order to get the EEG study completed to give you the care that you need. Financial assistance programs may be available for those patients who have difficulty meeting their obligations through acceptance in our hardship program. Click here to fill out RSC's Financial Hardship Application.

What if I do not have insurance coverage?

You do not need to have insurance coverage in order to have an in-home video EEG study performed. We have a discounted cash fee schedule that is based off the usual and customary allowable charges for this type of EEG study. If this situation applies to you, please contact Danielle Wilson, our Billing & Scheduling Coordinator directly and she will create a payment plan that is best for you. Danielle can be contacted via office phone at: (214) 556.2179 or e-mail at:

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What is United Medical Credit?

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How good does my credit need to be?

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How do I apply?

Click Here to apply online and immediately start your application process. You can also request a paper application from RSC’s billing department and return it back to us. You can contact Danielle Wilson, the RSC Billing Department Specialist at (214) 556-2179 or