"WOW!!! What a sweet article Noah's EEG technician, Breanna wrote about her experience with Noah!!!! WAAAAYYYY better than our in-hospital, 48-hour EEG and less expensive than paying for a room in the hospital! On top of all of that, I could call with any questions. Breanna and the rest of her team are all SUPER sweet and glad to help. Thank you RSC Neuro for making what I thought was going to be a nightmare, very easy and pretty painless! Breanna, Noah wants you to come back! But "not to put those wires on my head again." Ha ha!"

- Tabitha H., Louisiana


“Very glad that Dr. Cobo made this referral. We have had numerous home EEGs and none of them compared to RSC and Karla. It was a completely different experience this time. Karla’s professionalism, expertise and AMAZING bed side manner made us confident and comfortable!”

- Addison T., California


“As a healthcare professional myself, I was blown away by RSC’s services and staff. Just amazing and comforting. While I hope we don’t need their services again, I would recommend them without hesitation. Five Stars.

Experience has been great. So much better to do test at home vs. in hospital setting. My RSC Tech was so GOOD at what she does. She came right out when there was a problem with equipment.” 

- Lorna R.,  Illinois


“The RSC EEG testing is a very convenient way—done in your own home vs. hospital. The technician is very caring to the patient’s needs and consistently do follow-ups. She is very professional.”

- Elizabeth S., California


“Between my home and hospital, I will definitely choose RSC. The Tech has certainly made it really comfortable for me to go through this. I just can’t believe that I’m still at home getting an EEG! I appreciate all the help I’m receiving from the Tech; right now, my husband even works a little for me!”

- Sebonn D., Colorado


“My daughter started having seizures when she was 13 months old. She has had 8 or more EEG's from Blair E. Batson to UAB. She has also had MRI's, sleep studies and CT's which all came back normal. Seizures were progressively getting worse. I made a CD of videos of my daughter and sent them to some of the best children's hospitals. We were contacted by one of the doctors. Of course she wanted to run her own tests. That's where we Ped_Patient_Circlemeet our RSC EEG Technician. He came to our home to set-up and was wonderful with Shelby! He was very informative and contacted us daily checking in.

With this EEG after almost 7 years into our journey of failed tests, failed medicines and overwhelming discouragement with seemed like no hope in sight...we captured 3 seizures and finally were diagnosed with Generalised Whole Brain seizures with a right frontal lead. Shelby is on medicine now and she is improving each day!! RSC was truly a blessing in many ways.  Our Technician did his job well and showed genuine compassion for the patient, our Shelby. That is very hard to find in the medical field. We were and still are very grateful!”

-Cassie W. (Mother of Pediatric Patient Shelby), Mississippi 


“As a patient I recognized my RSC Technician to be extremely competent, knowedgeable, empathetic as well as prompt. RSC should be so honored as to having this quality of Technician in its employ. In my opinion, I would hire this man before 10 Harvard graduates. Thank you!"

-Jeffrey C., Florida


“I cannot thank you enough for making a hard week the best it could be. This 5-day ambulatory EEG was a big deal for my husband. He was nervous but you made him so comfortable. You can see how much you love what you do and we truly appreciate it!!" 

-Spouse of Male Adult Patient, Florida

"My husband's battle against a rare form of cancer resulted in the last 3 months of our lives in constant hospital care. After my husband's death, I had an incident, which led me to Dr. Ahn. Since the last year of my life was spent caring for my sick husband - in and out of hospitals - I was reluctant to have any testing done in a hospital setting. In lieu of this, Dr. Ahn recommended with the utmost praise and certainty, the best company in town who perform quality, in-home, Video EEG: RSC Diagnostic Services. Dr. Ahn reassured me that every aspect of RSC was exceptional from scheduling to obtaining the data needed to complete my work-up. I can't agree more. Your quality level of care and dedication to your patients is admirable." 

-Female Adult Patient, Texas

"My physician referred me to RSC. Since my mother works in the medical field, I can honestly say she is always quite critical with high expectations. My experience with RSC was different and even my mother commented that she was extremely pleased with the services you provided to me. I am going to make sure my doctor knows how satisfied I am and that I highly recommend your company to other patients. It’s so great that everyone’s hard work, devotion, and compassion can be seen by the patients and family members." 

- Lynda R., Florida

“I was very apprehensive about having a camera recording me for 3 days. My RSC Technician explained the purpose and use of the camera in a way that ended my concerns. She made the whole experience pleasant and even had me laughing while placing and removing the leads. If I have to have a similar study again, I wouldn’t want any other company but RSC. Thank you for caring about me!”

- Michele B., Florida 

"My in-home EEG experience with RSC was the best EEG experience I have ever had! My R. EEG Technician was professional and on time to our scheduled appointment, as well as courteous enough to call first. My technician also did a great job of attaching my leads. Usually the leads become loose or fall off after one day but these have stayed in place the entire time of my 3-day test. I highly recommend RSC to a friend or family member if they needed a similar study."

- Tiphanie H., Florida

"I wanted you to know how non-invasive your EEG equipment was while I was wearing it for 3 days. I was able to carry on with personal business while attached to the EEG equipment. I want to applaud my technician for how well she explained my in-home EEG study. She made sure I did not have any concerns or questions about the set-up and testing. She also made it a point to work with my work schedule so as not to interfere or slow my day down. Much appreciated!"

- Teresa K., Texas

"My hookup and disconnect technician was very considerate of my concerns. After talking with them about the process and hearing them thoroughly explain the function of the equipment, I felt at ease. Having my 72-hour EEG done in my home was far better than having to be admitted to the hospital for monitoring!"

- Steven A., Texas

"Having the peace of mind, knowing that RSC would travel to my home for hookup and would even dispatch a tech back to my home if an issue arose, made me feel that I was in the hands of people who cared. I truly appreciate that."

- Janine P., Florida

"Thanks again for your service. I'd give you a 5-star rating! God bless you and your family."

- Earl K., Illinois  


 "My overall experience with RSC was awesome! This in-home video EEG was so much affordable and comfortable than my previous inpatient video EEG. Thank you!"

- Vanessa D., Florida


"Matt was the best EEG Tech I have ever had to deal with.  He was very kind and friendly to me and my family.  His care was amazing.  I would definitely want Matt as my EEG Tech again."

- Ciara C., Oklahoma 


John-Wayert"I just disconnected a 7- hour video EEG. The patient suffered from a major stroke multiple years ago and experiences 'seizures' that have been reported to a few different neurologists in the past, but never captured on an EEG. She has had several ambulatory studies where her husband and caretaker drive her to a hospital to have the wires placed and then return home with the unit (without any video equipment). Unfortunately, none of these studies yielded an episode.

This was the first in-home video ambulatory EEG she had. Her husband and caretaker were so pleased with the level of personal service and quality of care. The husband relayed how glad he was to have the video equipment setup because perhaps the movements/clinical symptoms he describes to the physician may differ from what actually happens. She had a total of 2 push button episodes while our equipment was recording, and one of those episodes was captured while she was on video. The data is still under technical review and processing to the server, but I just wanted to share the good news with you.

Additionally, as the patient was for the most part non-verbal and a little irritated with the wires being placed, some of the wires came loose on her forehead after being rubbed and picked on over the course of the study. Our technology allows us to access the recording to check the impedance values of the electrodes; consequently, I was able to detect leads that were off and make a return visit to fix them as soon as I could. Some wires the husband and caretaker did not know came off near the temple. Again, fortunately, we have the ability to check the quality of electrode placement and video data while the study is recording and can work proactively to keep uninterpretable EEG at minimum and video data recording properly. All in all, it was a success and a testament to what RSC represents: quality and convenient care in the comfort of the patient’s home." 

- John Wayert, EEG Technologist, LA