Meet an EEG Superhero...


Who is Rescue?

Rescue the Seizure Catcher helps our pediatric patients and their parents experience a positive in-home EEG with video study.

Children can often feel anxious or worried about undergoing a prolonged EEG-video, especially when they do not know what to expect. 

Rescue the Seizure Catcher is there to educate, motivate and reward your child every step of the way.

A positive experience helps your child to complete the study successfully.

When EEG studies are successfully completed, your doctor will have the greatest diagnostic yield possible for a more accurate diagnosis.  

Getting answers for your child's seizure-like events are what we do best. Rescue helps gather the best quality information in which to evaluate your child's symptoms which includes:

  • EEG Waveforms - Low artifact study capture by industry's best EEG Techs.
  • Video Footage - Filming your child during waking hours and sleep to show your doctor how their body is affected during events.
  • Audio - Whatever words or sounds your child expresses during an event will be included and evaluated.
  • Patient Diary - Recording those events on paper will assist in the scanning and pruning of your child's EEG data capture.
  • Event Button - When a typical event happens, simply press the button and record it on the Patient Diary. Easy Peasy. 


Rescue the Seizure Catcher will arrive at your home ready to help you and your child have the very best prolonged EEG-video experience possible.


Help Your Child Achieve a Successful EEG Study!

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