Pediatric_patient_with_happy_smile_and_head_wrapRSC Diagnostic Services is an elite group of devoted healthcare specialists who are committed to helping patients receive In-home Ambulatory Video EEG services. Our team has dedicated their lives to helping physicians and patients accurately identify medical conditions and neurological abnormalities providing the gold standard in cutting edge diagnostic services.

RSC strives to help patients and physicians obtain answers as quickly and conveniently as possible. Our vast clinical experience, state-of-the-art equipment and customer support teams bolster our commitment to delivering friendly, professional, ethical and dependable care. The foundation for our success is dedicated teams who deliver our promise to provide unparalleled customer service focused on the patient, the physician and the physician’s staff.

Our Commitment to Patients

Our staff, both administrative and clinical, are professional and courteous. We treat each patient with compassion and respect. We strive to make every patient feel comfortable, informed, and cared for from the moment we schedule their study to the moment of its completion.

Our Commitment to Physicians

Our technologists are highly trained, registered professionals. Their training, coupled with the most technologically advanced equipment, allows physicians to confidently rely on our complete and accurate EEG studies and pruned patient reports. We pride ourselves on being flexible in order to complement our physician’s practices. We will tailor any program, system, report, template and montage to a physician’s individual preferences. Our goal is to deliver an accurate, comprehensive diagnostic report in a timely manner. Patient studies are readily available within 72-hours post study completion through our secure server for your review, providing ease and convenience.

Our Commitment to Practices

Our administrative staff is committed to delivering responsive and courteous service to our provider’s valuable personnel. We understand that a practice’s time and attention are in high demand. We streamline communications with practice staff to confirm receipt of the referral, complete benefit verification and preauthorization, and scheduling of the patient’s study.  We provide a line of effective communication to keep all necessary persons informed.  Patient care is a great responsibility and RSC will ensure a high level of care and service for your patients and their families.

Our Commitment to Hospitals

From patient care, physician interaction and administrative correspondence, we aim to complement your hospital’s neuro-diagnostic needs. RSC can assist in supplementing your hospital’s current EEG services such as ambulatory video EEG for non-critical patients who do not need a hospital stay. This will free up bed space for your critical EMU patients and allow the EEG study to be completed in a timely, cost effective manner that is most comfortable for your patient.  RSC will work with your facility to help you offer additional lines of service and marketing opportunities while providing the highest level of patient care and outcomes.